At Divvito, our people come first

This is your opportunity to be part of the early employee team who all believe in Divvito's mission to create a positive and supportive ecosystem globally for people from all walks of life dealing with separation and ongoing shared parenting. We will be the largest global player in digital disruption in the divorce sector, outside of the legal minefield. 

If you have had first-hand experience with separation as an adult or a child, or through a close family member or friend, you're invaluable knowledge might be what we are looking for – a perfect mix of professional know-how and personal insights.

Divvito is an early-stage startup with bold global plans, so only apply if serious about making a positive change to more than 31 million couples globally every year. 


  • entrepreneurial spirit
  • team player & culture junkie
  • exceptional talent
  • intense ability to learn-as-you-go
  • first several months based out of head office in Brisbane, Australia
  • passport (regular travel to California office in 2018)
  • MVP experience advantageous but not necessary


  • base salary and benefits
  • early employee options
  • endless coffee and pizza for late night hacks


  • first non-founder UX Designer 
  • IOS & Android Engineer
  • Marketing & Acquisitions intern


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