Getting organised

In any relationship, someone usually takes the role of organising finances, social calendars, the grocery list and the children. So if you're faced with separation, a big struggle is getting organised if you weren't this person. Below is just a few things that usually get missed when separating:

1. Take your name off bills: If you are leaving the home, once you separate officially, you have to remove yourself from the bills, otherwise you are equally accountable if they are not paid. Also set up a redirect at the post office for any mail addressed specifically to yourself as there will always be things that slip through.

2. Update car registration: Make sure you remove your name from any vehicles not in your possession after the separation and change your address because reminders might not be passed on. If your country or state doesn't issue registration labels, you could find yourself pulled over and fined thousands of dollars for driving an unregistered vehicle.

3. Update your relationship status: When you're ready, ensure your social media profiles are updated. If you're like me, I prefer to say single than separated or divorced, as sounds so negative.

4. Advise service providers: If you are sharing custody,provide your contact details to schools, sporting associations, and other service providers so you are also kept up-to-date.

There are many more items to check off, and Divvito will have them all covered when it launches, so register now and the team will help you get super organised.