Just separated? Put the kids first and follow our Interim Parenting Guidelines Agreement

If you've recently separated and still not sure what to do, the first priority is to put your kids first and agree on an Interim Parenting Guidelines Agreement. But how do you do that when your world is falling apart, you're an emotional wreck, your stress levels are through the roof and you feel like it's only cello tape holding you together?

To navigate through this turbulent time, you need to have one common goal, how you want your children to emotionally emerge from this major change to their lives. Divvito's Interim Parenting Guidelines Agreement gives you a common framework to work to while you are both trying to sort everything out. No matter how you feel towards each other, don't let that stop you from being a good parent.

Our goal is for you to look back in two years time and be proud that you and your children are happy and confident and have positively moved on from your separation. 

Let's get started!

Please note: The following questions are a guide only and you should seek your own legal advice.

  • Have you worked out a shared parenting schedule?

  • How will you separate the contents of your home?

  • Have you checked your digital privacy?

  • Have you changed your addresses for all your services?

To make sure you’ve covered all of this, we’ve made a co-parenting resource toolkit to help you!