Do you suffer from hystericalism?

 Do you suffer from hystericalism like me? It's something I've had to manage on an ongoing basis and to my children's relief, we've found an instant hack to ensure they suffer less from my bouts of hysteria!

So what is hysteria and what is our instant hack? 

Yes ... hystericalism isn't actually a word but after I researched the history of hysteria, I had to find an alternative!

Until you try our instant hack, you probably wouldn't believe it works ... but it does. Snapping ourselves literally out of our current state of mind is the best way to readjust accordingly.

My form of hysteria relief is completely personal and since I'm not an expert in any way, here are further insights to the history and other issues surrounding the diagnosis:
History of Hysteria:
When the diagnosis is more serious:

Life is up and life is down so if you're like me and have no time left in the day, Divvito TV has an instant hack to ensure you don't suffer from constant bouts of hysteria ... we hope you enjoy!