5 tips to eating well for one

If it's been a while since you've had to cook for yourself, don't slip into the bad habit of eating Doritos for dinner. Here are a five tips to eating well for one.

1. Stock up on healthy ingredients and get started on simple recipes. There are some great 4 ingredient recipes out there and you can freeze the extra portions.

2. Buy frozen vegetables. If fresh vegetables end up decaying in your fridge, this is a good option. You can even buy them in individually sealed bags so you can put them straight into the microwave.

3. Cryovac portions of meat. Either buy a cryovac machine or get your butcher to package individual pieces for you. You can then keep them in your fridge for a couple of weeks and they are the perfect accompaniment for your frozen vegetables.

4.  Buy pre-made fresh or frozen meals. While the healthy frozen dinners are cheaper than the fresh meals you can purchase, they are pretty good these days. If they don't have vegetables included, make sure you add a few to your meal. Meals in a box like Marley Spoon are excellent options also.

5.  Freeze meals. Make a large pasta, casserole or soup and freeze portions to use in the weeks ahead. Here's 40 recipes you can cook up and batch.