Have you changed over your car registration address?

I met someone the other day who told me a crazy story about her post-separation car registration fiasco which could happen to anybody.

Let's call this person Sally.

Like my situation, I took care of the car stuff - loans, insurances and leases - while my ex-wife looked after the other household expenses. After Sally and her husband separated, she moved out of their rental apartment. With car registration stickers not issued anymore, your only flag that it's due is a bill in the mail. So with Sally's mail not redirecting (assuming the ex would pass it on), she got on with life and didn't think twice about her registration until one fateful day last year.

To give you some background knowledge on how car registration works in Queensland, Australia, you receive the renewal notice in the mail. If you don't pay by the due date, you will receive a reminder notice but will be classified unregistered with 90 days to pay the late fee and renewal. After 90 days, you are removed from the system. So guess when Sally was pulled over by the police? 

You guessed right. Sally was fined more than $400 for driving unregistered and another $400 for driving uninsured (comprehensive third-party) and lost points off her licence. She was also advised that since this was a major offence, if she was charged for another misdemeanour within the following few months, she would automatically serve jail time. Sounds like a game of Monopoly!

Have a look at our separation checklist to make sure you change your addresses for all your services and don’t end up with a hefty bill!