Is it time to start dating when your mom buys you one of these?

Don't you just love receiving parcels at home, even if you ordered the goods yourself? It feels like you're opening a present! Imagine my surprise when I came home one day to a package at my front door from ebay, and the sender being my adorable mom. I was quite stoked at the idea of receiving something unexpected, but upon opening, it was something doubly unexpected – a boyfriend pillow! I wasn't sure if I was supposed to laugh or cry! On ringing mom, she said she thought since I didn't have a boyfriend, I might like one of these to hug at night.

I think I got the hint loud and clear that I should start dating ... but when is it the right time? Ok, I've been a bit busy over the past few years enjoying time with the kids, or on the off-weeks with friends or just myself. But as one male friend said the other week, 'don't you just want someone to cuddle at night?'. 

Let me think about that for a second. Yes I do, but is it too much hassle? All I hear from single friends and work colleagues is the time that you have to invest on dating sites, having dates, worrying if you should message or call the next day, the let-down, and in our case, introducing them to your kids. So let me ponder the idea for another few months and in the meantime I'll make the most of mom's present. Actually, with Leo spread eagle when sleeping, I'm not sure if he'll let anybody take that side in any case! No ... I promise I won't turn into a single cat lady!

Cat takes up bed.jpeg