Reduce stress in less than 10 seconds

Have you ever woken up with a clear plan to get on top of your out-of-control 'to do' list, only to have five more things added to it before you walk out the door in the morning? When did life get so crazy?

The unfortunate consequence is stress – no one wants it, but it seems everybody suffers from its grip constantly these days. If you're like us and have no time left in the day to reduce stress through exercising, meditation or mindfulness, Divvito TV has an instant hack to reduce stress in less than 10 seconds.

Unconventional – yes.
Slightly crazy – yes.
Totally effective – yes (for us anyway!)

Good communication within the family is so important, and for it to be effective, we have to be able to reduce stress. When you're relaxed you think clearer, act more positively and don't let the little things get to you as much. So try this instant hack every day for a week and let us know if you feel less stressed!

This form of stress relief is completely personal and since we're not experts in any way, here are a few links to the experts and their solutions:
Dr Arthur Janov:
Stress tips from 17 experts:
App to reduce stress: Smiling Minds –

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If communication is still proving tense, we’ve got some great resources to help keep you stress-free before, during, and after separation.