Just separated? Take advantage of Divvito's Co-parenting Resource Toolkit

If you've recently separated and not sure what to do, it’s hard to navigate advice when your world is falling apart, you're an emotional wreck, your stress levels are through the roof, and you feel like it's only cello tape that’s holding you together. To navigate through this turbulent time, you need to have one common goal with your co-parent – that you and your children emerge emotionally intact from this major change to your lives – no matter how you feel towards each other.

We’re here to help! Take advantage of Divvito's Co-parenting Resource Toolkit to make the process as stress-free as possible. There are several areas to address after a separation:

  • Do you know what has to be covered legally in a separation?

  • Have you worked out a way to co-parent whilst finalizing your legal arrangements?

  • Have you worked out a shared parenting schedule?

  • How will you separate the contents of your home?

  • Have you checked your digital privacy?

  • Have you changed your address with your service providers?

Ready to get started?

Please note: Divvito’s Resource Toolkit is a guide only and you should seek your own legal advice.