Top round-up of Meetup groups for separated parents in California

If its a long weekend and you don't have the kids or invitations to join other families for a BBQ or drinks, it's time to meet new people and Meetup is the best way to find others in the same situation as you. We've rounded up the key Meetups for separated/divorced parents around California, but if nothing rocks your boat, join groups with shared interests and you'll have a busier social life in your 'off days*' than before you went separate ways.

Solo Parents of Northeast LA – 440 single parents and their kids
LA Single Mamas and Papas – 1177 single moms and dads
South Bay Parents Without Partners - 507 single parents

Bay Area Single Parents - 2437 single parents and their kids
Single Mom Support Network - 428 single moms
South Bay Divorce Support - 1133 single parents
Divorce and Relationship Recovery Los Gatos - 803 single moms and dads

Happily Divorced, Single, and Separated Parents - 1310 single parents
The San Diego Single Parents Meetup - 2869 single parents
Single Parent Family Meetup - 764 single parents and their kids

Happy mingling!

* when you don't have the kids