Divvito DVO Communication Pilot

The Divvito DVO Communication Pilot is to enable Divvito Messenger to support communication between parents when domestic violence orders (DVOs) are in effect, with the primary aim of increasing safety and accountability of parents and reducing communication breaches.

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Stage 1 Jul 2 – 10 RESEARCH:
Workshops with stakeholders and interviews with aggrieved and respondents to understand domestic violence and the core issues around communication when the shared care of children continues while orders are in effect.

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Stage 2 Jul 11 – Aug 2 DESIGN & REVIEW:
Divvito team to determine solutions from issues raised and prototype appropriate app enhancements for stakeholder review.

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Stage 3 Aug 3 – Oct 15 DEVELOPMENT:
Divvito team to develop and test new enhancements.

Stage 4 Oct 17 – Nov 9 PREPARATION:
Divvito team to present updated Divvito Messenger to stakeholders and processes for onboarding parents into pilot.

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Stage 5 Nov 12 – May 10 ENGAGE & ITERATE:
Onboard up to 300 sets of parents, primarily from Townsville and Mt Isa, with DV orders in effect. Parents will receive a FREE lifetime subscription to Divvito Messenger. Divvito team to continue feature enhancement based on user feedback.

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Stage 6 May 13 – June 30 ASSESS & REPORT:
University to commence independent evaluation of Divvito Messenger and publish final report for peer review and share findings with interested stakeholders.

For further information, contact the Principal Manager Wendy Oxenham.