Separation / Divorce Checklist


Separation / Divorce Checklist


Understanding what to do when you divorce or separate can be overwhelming, and that is the last thing you need right now. Don’t worry, Divvito is here to help!

Divvito’s Separation/Divorce Checklist is a comprehensive 14-page how-to guide that enables you to understand what has to be managed legally, financially, parentally and personally, along with practical aspects of separating your lives.

Whether you’re using an attorney, lawyer or mediator to separate or divorce, or doing it yourself, Divvito’s Separation/Divorce Checklist will save time and money, and more importantly, your sanity.

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Divvito’s 198-point Separation / Divorce Checklist is a comprehensive 14-page document that covers:

  • The process to legally separate

  • What to include in your financial settlement

  • What to include in your parenting orders or custody and visitation agreement

  • What to address personally after your separation regarding legal, financial, parental and personal matters.

You can work through this separation / divorce checklist together separately if you’re not in a position to amicably manage your separation. It will also help you develop a comprehensive brief for your legal team or mediator, saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Download the PDF file and check off digitally, or print out and check off manually.

Save money by downloading the complete Separation / Divorce Toolkit, including:

  • Separation / Divorce Checklist

  • Parenting Guidelines Plans

  • Contents Separation Checklist

  • Digital Privacy Checklist

  • Change of Address Checklist

  • Weekly Co-parenting Planner