Single Child Parenting Guidelines Plan


Single Child Parenting Guidelines Plan


Divvito’s Single Child Parenting Guidelines Plan will ensure you and your ex-partner have a set of interim rules to abide by immediately after a separation or divorce around the shared care of your child. Since the process to legally separate or divorce takes months, and in some cases years, this Plan will ensure you have something to follow until interim legal parenting orders or a custody and visitation agreement is approved by the Court.

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While emotions are heightened, it only takes one disagreement to cause undue stress on your child and unravel your plans to be amicable. The guidelines will also help you brief your lawyer or mediator of what you would like to include in final orders, or what you need to work out with your ex-partner if lodging yourself.

Complete the PDF file digitally, or print off and complete manually.

Save money by downloading the complete Separation / Divorce Toolkit, including:

  • Separation / Divorce Checklist

  • Parenting Guidelines Plans

  • Contents Separation Checklist

  • Digital Privacy Checklist

  • Change of Address Checklist

  • Weekly Co-parenting Planner