Divvito helps separated parents communicate more effectively

Communication can be so complicated after a separation or divorce. There's so much to co-ordinate when sharing the care of your children and, all of a sudden, you're trying to parent via text messages or email. Now, there's an easier way ... and you don't have to do it alone! 

Introducing Divvito Messenger, a messaging app that helps make co-parenting communication easier with the help of your very own personal messaging bot, Dani.

  Hi, I'm Dani!

Hi, I'm Dani!



Why parents are using Divvito Messenger



Let's show you how
Divvito Messenger works

Divvito is so easy to use, especially when you have Dani helping you and your ex-partner communicate more effectively.


Dani is here to help

Dani shows you how Divvito Messenger works, and helps you connect with your co-parent. They also offer communication tips or ready to listen if you need to vent your frustrations.


Dani gets you organized

Dani will show you how to organize your messages into conversations, so it's easy to have several discussions on the go at any given time. Dani also highlights dates and times, so with a simple tap, you can easily add important events and reminders to your mobile calendar.

Divvito-permanent-archive copy.png

Dani archives everything

Never worry about losing old messages, as Dani permanently archives all of your communication. Everything is stored in a chronological order in your messages tab for easy reference. You can also download and print messages; perfect for keeping a track of past conversations.


Dani keeps
communication positive

Dani makes sure your communication stays as positive as possible, and ensures you don't send a message in the heat of the moment that you'll regret later. Dani scans your messages before sending and suggests to revise if they feel it isn't very appropriate.

Divvition Private Notifications USA.jpg

Dani protects your privacy

Have your kids ever heard the 'ding' of a message notification and read something they shouldn't have? Dani won't let that happen, as Divvito's notifications are private. This also ensures that you can respond to a new message when you're ready.


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