Use Divvito Messenger for free

Now your communication can be organized and archived all in the one place, with a little help from Dani.


Dani is here to help

Dani shows you how easy Divvito Messenger is to use, helps you connect with your co-parent, offers communication tips along the way, and is always there to listen if you need to let off a little steam.


Dani gets you organized

Dani will show you how to organize your messages into conversations, so it's easy to have several discussions on the go at any given time – school, activities, shared expenses, holidays, changes to parenting schedules. Dani also highlights dates and times, so with a simple tap, you can easily add important events and reminders to your mobile calendar.


Dani archives everything

Never worry about losing old messages again, as Dani permanently archives all of your communication. Everything is stored in a chronological order in your messages tab for easy reference.


Dani protects your privacy

Have your kids ever heard the 'ding' of a message notification and read something they shouldn't have? Dani won't let that happen, as Divvito's notifications are set to private. This also ensures that you can respond to new messages when you're ready.

Upgrade to super-charge your co-parenting communication

Customize your communication with our Enhanced subscription. It’s packed with extra benefits to keep discussions more controlled, on track and positive … and Dani is with you every step of the way.


Download messages

Within the first three years of separation, you’re likely to have more than 3000 points of communication with your co-parent. Crazy hey? Imagine having to search through your messages for something you discussed last year!

Within seconds, you can download your whole message history as a PDF directly onto your phone, or share however you like. The PDF includes all details specific to each message as well as photos and links to files.


Customize your preferences

You can tailor your communication preferences to enable greater control around when, how, and what can be discussed. Set up do-not-disturb, request Divvito be your sole medium to communicate, customise words/phrases you don’t want to receive and set up your support network so you can call them with the tap of a button. Dani will be there to assist in customizing your features and also let your co-parent know when features have been enabled.


Dani helps keep
communication positive

Dani tries to ensure your communication stays as positive and child-focused as possible, and hopes you don't send a message in the heat of the moment that you'll regret later. Dani privately scans your messages before sending and suggests to revise if they feel it isn't very appropriate. Of course Dani is still learning so you can flag any messages received that you believe were inappropriate.


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