Give your clients more control in how they communicate around the shared care of their kids

Divvito helps your clients share information in the easiest possible way with their respective co-parent after a relationship breakdown. Our messaging app, Divvito Messenger, is the only solution on the market that has been customised to enable greater control around communication, helps organise discussions into conversations, and uses advanced technology to keep discussions on track and positive.

Watch below how Divvito Messenger works or see the full features here.



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Divvito enables parents to organize messages into conversations when there’s a specific matter they need to discuss. Images can also be shared for easy collaboration.

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Divvito provides a safe space to communicate by delaying the delivery of any messages that could cause tension, so parents have time to revise for more child-focused outcomes.



The parents’ entire chat history in Divvito is archived, offering peace of mind that every message and conversation is easily available for future reference.



All notifications are private so parents can respond when they’re ready, instead of reacting immediately to the snippet shown. It also ensures their children don’t read anything they shouldn’t.

”Divvito is an exciting enterprise that fills a gap in support for separated families by being the conduit in post separation parental communication in an edgy, entertaining, economical and educative way that takes no sides.”

Denise Britton, Psychologist and Mediator, 30 years


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