Protecting your digital privacy and security after a separation

Time and time again I hear people say their ex accessed their phone, computer, emails or social media accounts after they separated. So why are we so lax on security? Convenience and poor memory! We've all been culprits at creating passwords that are a mix of personal data – ours, our kids or street numbers. Then we duplicate across everything so we don't forget! So make sure you protect your digital privacy and security after a separation.

Let's see how bad your security is. Answering yes to any of these statements means your security can be breached. Your password includes: 
1. part of your name
2. part of your children's names
3. part of your maiden name
4. numbers from your birthdate
5. numbers from your children's birthdate
6. your home address

Additional security can be breached if:
• your phone pin is numbers relating to your birthdate or family birthdates
• your banking pin is your phone pin
• you store your passwords on your computer or phone


Before your ex, or digital hackers, crack your passwords and pins, ensure you do three things:
1. Check if there has been a breach already by hackers at haveIbeenpwnded.
2. Make sure there has been no spy software installed on your PC computer, Apple Mac or phone.
3. Download and use one of these password managers – LastPass or Dashlane.
4. Access Divvito’s FREE Digital Privacy Checklist below to make sure you missing nothing.