The perks of being a single parent

While there are hundreds of Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and blogs that re-enforce the woes of being a single parent, we thought it was high time to look at the positive perks of being a single parent. 'You are what you think' were wise words shared thousands of years ago by Buddha, but somehow we haven't listened - I am sure you've already told yourself several times today what you haven't done right, what part of you doesn't look good, what you don't have, what you're missing out on ... need I say more?

So we will keep adding to this list of the positive side of being a single parent and would love to hear your suggestions if you would like to share. Enjoy!

Perks of being a single parent

#36 Those old jeans are still ok to wear
#35 The kids learn what your strengths are ... and there are many!
#34 Those small moments of down time are yours to enjoy
#33 That last piece of chocolate has your name on it
#32 You will surprise yourself at how much you can juggle in one day
#31  Drinking leftover milk straight from the breakfast bowl is acceptable
#30 Your money is your money
#29 Your crazy collectibles can continue to grow
#28 There’s no fight over the last biscuit or cookie
#27 Sleeping in on weekends is totally your call
#26 The newspaper is all yours on the weekend to read as slowly as you like
#25 You can do the chores during the weeks you don’t have the kids
#24 You learn how strong you can be when faced with so many challenges
#23  No one else is counting how many coffees you’ve had today
#22  You can read a book in one day if you like … the chores can wait!
#21  Taking work to bed is only your problem
#20 You don’t have to check with anybody when catching up with friends
#19  You can buy the orange juice you like … with pulp or without
#18  There’s no one to tell you what to do
#17  You can paint that wall any color you like
#16  The remote control is all yours
#15  Happy hour can start whenever you want
#14  You can choose the take-out
#13  The entire wardrobe is yours
#12  Your fur babies can sleep on your bed now
#11   You and the kids can have pyjama days and there’s nothing wrong with that
#10  You don’t have to tell anybody what you’ve spent your money on
#9   You only have to buy crunchy peanut butter … or smooth if that’s your preference
#8   You can choose what car you drive, even if not practical
# 7   You can choose where you holiday  
# 6
   You can drink the milk you like – full cream or light
# 5   Your morning breath is no longer a problem
# 4   You don’t need to shave as often  
# 3
   Time to yourself every month (if you share custody)
# 2   It's totally your choice what you have for dinner 
# 1  
You have the whole bed to yourself (except for when the little ones crawl in!)